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 Discover the Art and Science of Creating More Leads, Customers, Clients, Profit and Sales Than You Can Possibly Handle - In Any Economy
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"I've read hundreds of business books... And this is the ONLY one that fully distills the Principles, Strategies and Tactic to Exponentially Grow Your Business"
Glenn (Goose) Mcgrath
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Understand the Only Metrics You Need to Monitor to Double Your Profits
Use the Psychology of Your Clients and Prospects to Build Your Business
Tell Your Story... Have More Fun... And Make a Lot More Money... 
In the Book You Will Uncover 25 Strategies You Must Apply to Double  YOUR BUSINESS... Without Trading More Time, More Money, Ruining Any More Relationships, or Bastardizing Your Purpose
  • Why Those Who Tell Stories Rule the World of Business (Pg 1)
  •  Discover How Education Based Marketing and Selling Can See You Close Up to 500% More Sales and Reach 20x More Prospects (Pg 68)
  •  Never Want to Pay For Marketing Again? Form, Mine and Manufacture Strategic Partnerships (Pg 79)
  •  Discover the Single Most Important Aspect of Sales (Pg 92)
  •  How to Create an Engagement Ladder in Your Business to Sell at Least 10% of Your Clients into Something 10x More Expensive (Pg 98 )
  •  The $5000.00 Secret Weapon of Sales (Pg 105)
  •  The 5 Step Client Application Script
    (Pg 229)
  •  How to Sell Higher Ticket Products and Services
    (Pg 23)
  •  Whats Your Time Really Worth as A Business Owner?
    (Pg 114)
  •  Why 'Energy Goes Where Money Flows' and How Not Charging Enough For Your Products and Services is Destroying Your Business (Pg 118)
  •  The Secret to Successfully Upselling at the Time of Order
     (Pg 127)

  •  Discover the Most Profitable Idea in All of Business (Pg 12)
  •  How to Optimise, Automate, Outsource, Delegate and Batch Your Delivery (Pg 141)
  •  Why You Must 'Blend Physical and Digital' Products and Services  in Your Business (Pg 136)
  •  What Never to Do in Relation to Business Expenses (Pg 151)
  •  The Truth About 'Irresistible' High Return on Investment Offerings (Pg 158)
  •  Discover the 4 Quadrants of Scale
    (Pg 164)

  •  How to Build a Tribe Mentality in Your Business (Pg 174)
  •  The Secret Gift That Keeps on Giving and Keeps Them Staying
    (Pg 178)
  •  How to Build Habit Forming Products
    (Pg 183)

  •  Why You Must Lead With Reward in Your Business to Drive More Referrals (Pg 192)
  •  How to Use a Gamification Campaign to Collect 65 Leads This Week in Your Business  (Pg 196)
  •  When to Splinter Off Referral Leads into New Streams to Ensure You Close at Least 20% More Referrals Than Normal Leads (Pg 204)
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  • The Business Owner's Guide to Profit - Physical Book - $15.99
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When You Cover the Shipping ($8.95 US or $12.95 International) You Will Receive...
  • The Business Owner's Guide to Profit - Physical Book - $15.99
  • ​BONUS # 1 - The Business Owner's Guide to Profit - eBook - $3.99
  • BONUS # 2 - Small Business Mastery Online Course - $697.00
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